I want my patients to live happy and healthy.

I graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1994. I built a successful practice in Aberdeen, and for more than 15 years I provided chiropractic services to my patients, but something was missing.

When treating patients, I would frequently find myself discussing how the things that we put in our bodies’ contributes to our overall heath. Chiro alone is not enough to maintain wellness. I decided that it was time to expand my knowledge, and learn more about Nutrition. I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where I discovered nutrition response testing, while working with a fellow chiropractor’s in his local office. I learned how to test the body and it’s organs for deficiencies.

I look forward to sharing these holistic paths to great health, and wellbeing.

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nutrition and chiropractic by dr freedman

With proper nutrition, and alignment, I provide a path to wellness that is prescription free.
Too often, we rely on the convenance of taking something to feel better. Just taking something to feel better is a temporary solution. I provide a future without relying on medication.

Chiropractic and nutrition go hand in hand. By ensuring your body is aligned, while pinpointing the vitamins and nutrients deficiencies, we may build a plan to batter health.

My Promise

I will listen to you. I will take the time to understand all of the issues that brought you though my door. I will take the time to understand your symptoms, and concerns so that we may build the proper treatment plan.